Alliance Health Insurance

Alliance Insurance

The Alliance is a very well reputed group of employers who have formed a corporative which provides health insurances to their employees. The corporative believes in taking the system of health care forward. It does so by adopting a rare approach by coming up with solutions that lead to the self funding of their health plans. The Alliance has a very well organized health system that provides a wide access to an impressive range of healthcare facilities and providers. In The Alliance healthcare system, the employees will have access to a wide range of high-value providers irrespective of where their employers are located. Some other payment options available to the patients are AETNA, American Behavior, Beech Street, CIGNA, Guardian, Pacificare, etc.

States That Accept The Alliance insurance

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Illinois
  3. Iowa


In The Alliance group, which is a cooperative of employers, the employers automatically gain the status of members of the cooperative. The employers of The Alliance post their membership to the cooperative get immediate access to a variety of programs that will aid them in formulating a well thought out and managed health benefit plan for their employees. A variety of Alliance product partnerships and tools become available to the employers. As far as product partnerships are concerned, Alliance employers have options like WisconsinRx, National Network Access, The Alliance Worker’s Compensation solution, Delta Dental and many more. For the various programs and tools cut out for the benefit of the employers, the following make up for an impressive range:

  • Complimentary on-site blood pressure screening for their employees
  • Employers can avail discounted flu shots, the offering of which will prove to be easier at the work place then.
  • Employers will be given healthy living discounts at gyms and similar facilities which will help promote the importance of a healthy body, mind and spirit among their employees.
  • Employers will be able to enjoy transparency as far as claim utilization and cost drivers are concerned.
  • Employers will be equipped with data related to expenditure and disease prevalence, Return on investment reports, in and out of network provider utilization among other details.
  • Employers can also get access to custom analysis for absolutely free.

Individuals and Families

The individual employees covered under the schemes and programs of The Alliance will have access to the Coordinated Healthcare program by Quantum Health. This program is not only limited to the employees but also their families too. The aim of this program is to connect the individuals and their families to the care coordinators whose work is to appoint a single contact point for all benefits, services, claims and other medical management activities.

With the help of Delta Dental and Delta Vision, individuals get discounted dental and vision healthcare plans. WisconsinRx helps individuals gain from pharmacy benefit plans. Employees or family members who are expecting can also avail free services which provide confidential health risk screening that will be carried out by a clinically trained and registered nurse. With the help of this program, to-be mom employees or an expecting family member of the employee will also be provided with educational and informative reading materials crucial for pregnancy.


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