American Behavioral Health Insurance

American Behavioral Insurance

American Behavioral is a fully fledged organization that aims to provide behavioral health care at a multitude levels. The organization is known to provide more than satisfactory Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), psychological testing, drug screening, mental health care services, stress management programs among many more helpful services. The services are made available to employees and families of client companies involved. It has a huge presence throughout the country and its headquarters are located in Birmingham in Alabama. Some other payment options available are AETNA, AmeriHealth, Beech Street, CIGNA, Guardian, Pacificare, etc. 

States That Accept American Behavioral

American Behavioral is accepted in all 50 states as well as in Canada.


The organization provides employers with carefully carved Employee Assistance Program ( EAP )services and a wide range of behavioral health care assistance programs and services that are aimed at a holistic well being of their employees. These Employee Assistance Programs are supposed to work with a diverse range of daily issues related to work or personal life of the employees. This consists of issues concerning family, marital life, mental health, financial condition and child care among many others. while the employee assistance programs were concentrated on the general well being of client’s employees, the behavioral programs are focused at clinical conditions like anxiety, depression, substance abuse etc. Treatments for the same are well molded to suit the unique needs of every employer. Employers also get to test their employees pre placement with the help of the services offered by American Behavioral. To ensure performance of employees and general productivity, employers of companies get to avail onsite training and development programs as well. A chunk of its services include providing mental health care and substance abuse treatment programs.

American Behavioral believes in providing only the best of services for its members which are majorly employers in this case. For the very same, an impressive network of qualified and licensed care providers like psychologists, nurses and social works among others are associated with.

American Behavioral functions at the level of a large base of companies wherein it is focused on providing personalized customer services dedicated only to enhance the outcomes, provide with the necessary and expected health care and also managing costs of the company. Its job is to keep the members and the employers under cover from unseen, expensive spending on health care services.

Individuals and Families

The Employee assistance program services are free of cost the individual employees as well as to their families. Individuals and families can avail upto three to six sessions or whatever defined by their employer. Behavioral health services on the other hand deal with serious medical and illness issues which require copayment that is payment by employer and the employee.

For individuals and families, the behavior health benefits comprise of coverage for clinical diagnoses made by professionals. These clinical problems include Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, substance abuse, bipolar and other psychiatric problems. The Employee Assistance Program benefits provide coverage for basic and daily life issues that individuals and their families experience. These include stress, grievances, marital conflicts, emotional issues, legal or financial problems and many more. The clinical problems and diagnoses are not covered in these programs.

American Behavioral offers both outpatient as well as inpatient care for their clients, though the level of care totally depends upon the diagnosis and the norms governing them.

For Employee Assistance Program services, pre authorization is required. However, it is not required for services pertaining to substance abuse or most outpatient services. Clients are advised to call beforehand and inquire about pre authorization and if coverage is required for the service they are seeking.


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