AmeriHealth Insurance

AmeriHealth Insurance

AmeriHealth is a brand synonymous with supreme quality health care services and products which are carefully crafted to meet the new and emerging needs of the present customer base. Amerihealth is known for its wide reach in top notch hospitals and boasts an impressive number of providers associated to its name. The organization is also involved with providing health benefits for employees of various companies. AmeriHealth encourages customers to invest in their products and services stating health accounts as a primary method which will help them save for medical expenses. Some other payment options available to the patients are AETNA, Alliance, Beech Street, CIGNA, Guardian, Pacificare, etc.

States That Accept Amerihealth Insurance

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania


AmeriHealth provides its employers with a wide range of online resources and services to choose from for their employees. It has a range of wellness programs to offer to the employers that offer various kinds of health activities and the required screenings. Corporate health and wellness programs are on the rise since employees have started working at a faster pace, are more consumed with their work with lesser time to spend on their wellbeing.

AmeriHealth brings wellness programs directly at the workplace and molds them according to the requirements of the employer. AmeriHealth makes its wellness partnerships available only to a group of 100 or more employees. The Connections health management program helps customers and employees to avail themselves information crucial for their well being and health. Members who suffer from cardiac problems, lung problems, diabetes or breathing problems are able to learn various methods of staying well and improving the quality of their life by following this program. AmeriHealth has 3 types of Drug plans to offer employers for their employees- the select drug program, the standardized program and the deductible copayment drug program.

AmeriHealth covers its Drug and Alcohol costs incurred as a result of rehab through its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. To make a referral of such services, it is mandatory for the rehab costs to be deemed necessary. The rehab coverage may be limited by a maximum bar of benefits that can be availed, this is usually dependent on the type of the plan. The group coverage provided by AmeriHealth to companies is available only to those employers who have 50 or more employees.

Individuals and Families

AmeriHealth has a wide range of services to offer employed individuals and their families through their employers who are members of AmeriHealth. AmeriHealth’s immunization programs are of significant interest and help to individuals since these extensive vaccination programs provide immunization and protection against communicable diseases like the flu. The AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyle Programs are aimed at enhancing individual’s knowledge of and engagement with their own help. This is done with the help of various incentives and continuous participation of individuals. These programs take into account fitness, weight, management of stress, smoking cessation etc.

Case management is another service that individuals and their families can avail. Case management is a continuous process that works with members and families and provides them with health management support through a variety of diverse but well coordinated programs. Six different Health Management Organization Plans are available in individuals. Out of these six, two are comprised of IHC preferred and IHC basic plans and these consider substance abuse rehab as a separate and distinct thing in itself. AmeriHealth also offers rehab coverage plus mental based illness that are not biologically based under its plan called “AmeriHealth New Jersey Protect”.

Before enrolling in a rehab program, individuals as well as employers must inquire about the types of plans available, the coverage for every plan and where all these are accepted.


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