Executive/VIP Treatment

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About Executive/VIP Treatment

Celebrities and high-level executives usually suffer from a lot of stress and trauma due to work pressure and the pressure of being a public figure. Quite often such celebrities and VIPs are exposed to drugs and often need to take narcotics in order to get over the stress. Celebrities are used to certain comforts of life and may require the rehab center to be privy about the intimate details of the recovery process. Executive/VIP rehab is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of such high- profile patients. Some other special forms of treatment centers are Airline Pilot Rehab, Luxury Rehab, Jewish Drug Rehab, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy etc.

How Executive/VIP Treatment Can Help

Executive/VIP treatment can help high profile patients overcome their condition in a much more comfortable fashion as compared to regular rehabss.

Customized care: Caregivers who are a part of executive treatment plans are better trained in catering to the specific needs of their clients. These programs may be highly customized to suit the needs and busy calendars of their high profile clients. In most cases, a typical VIP program is stripped down into phases and carried out keeping in mind the whims and availability of the patients. For instance, a movie celebrity undergoing drug rehab may have his or her plan span a period of a few months in order to avoid overlapping with shooting schedules. Similarly, political leaders may have their treatment plan conducted across geographies, based on their availability. Some CEOs and high-level executives take their caregiver and medical practitioner along on long intercontinental tours.

Private: Most high profile executives and VIPs are very particular about information disclosure. VIP rehab centers make special arrangements to preserve the privacy and information flow of their clients. Most executive rehab centers get into non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) on behalf of their clients. Such agreements clearly indicate the extent of information that goes out of the rehab center. Some celebrities require the rehab center to NOT disclose even the name of the patients, let alone the lifestyle habits and treatments being administered on these patients. Undergoing a private rehab, without the fear of external interference puts the minds of these VIPs and executives at rest, leaving them focused on the idea of of putting their rehab on track.

Comfortable: CEOs, celebrities, and executives are used to certain luxuries of life and VIP rehab centers recognize this need of their patrons. Most of these high profile rehab centers have plush interiors, comfortable rooms, play areas, spa rooms, and around-the-clock service. These added “frills” do come at a cost, but the people undergoing treatment with executive rehab centers not only value these accouterments, but are often ready to pay more for these add-ons.

High-tech: VIP rehab centers are not only top-class in terms of luxury, but they are also filled with the best equipment and professionals in terms of clinical expertise. Executive rehab centers provide some of the best available treatment options to their clients, which can go a long way in a client’s speedy recovery. Most VIP rehab procedures also have a detailed post-treatment plan that comes in handy in treating people with complicated disorders. This is unlike other rehab plans where the patients are mostly left on their own after they are given a discharge from the center.


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