Guardian Health Insurance

Guardian Insurance

Guardian is an insurance company that offers many solutions for its customers. Guardian prides itself on the accommodating nature of its products as well as its strong focus on individual care. It works hard to ensure that individuals get the proper care for which they pay. It is important to contact Guardian Insurance for any specific needs regarding drug rehabilitation. It will work hard to ensure that any special requests are fulfilled and that individuals will receive coverage on treatment. Some other payment options available are APS Health, Alliance, Ameri Health, Beech Street, Cigna, Pacificare, etc.

States that Accept Guardian

Guardian is accepted across all 50 states


Guardian ensures that employers and employees are protected at all times. When speaking with a its representative, he/she will help employers secure the best plans fitted to their business needs. Individuals in need of rehabilitation services should discuss with the employer and the insurance to come up with the most comprehensive care plan during treatment.

Individuals and Families

Individuals and family members who are in need of rehabilitation services can take advantage of Guardian’s care plans. It will cover most treatment services no matter where in the United States the rehabilitation facility is located. It allows for coverage during any unexpected situations and does its best to provide individuals and family members with the safety and security needed during sensitive times. Individuals and family members should contact it as well as the rehabilitation facility desired to ensure that all treatments will be fully covered.


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