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Schofield Barracks Treatment Centers - Hawaii

Building 673 Stop 129
Schofield Barracks,
Hawaii 96857

(808) 433-8700

Building 673
Schofield Barracks,
Hawaii 96857

(808) 433-8700

Schofield Barracks, HI is located in 158.06 W, 21.50 N. The land area of the city is 2.75 square miles. The population of the city is 16,370 in 2010 (Population change since 2000: +13.5%). The estimated median household income is $49,312 in 2013 and the estimated per capita income is $18,207 in 2013.

Seeking Help Is Not Easy

Seeking help with addiction is not always easy. If left untreated, addiction can be life-threatening and in some cases fatal. It is important to find the best rehabilitation facility that suits your respective case and let the support and encouragement from others help you on the road to recovery. Read More    

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