Histrionic Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder


Histrionic personality disorder is distinct type of personality disorder in which an individual feels the need to attract the attention of others all the time. It can be described by attention seeking traits in an individual’s personality. This type of behavior causes them to do things or act a certain way that draws others’ interest in their personality. This attention can be for both positive and negative reasons.

People with such a behavior are generally dramatic and loud. They want to indulge in vivid activities and tend to come across as pure attention seekers. Other characteristics of patients of this behavioral disorder are being gaudy, flirty and flamboyant. They demonstrate strong emotions without giving them much thought. These people are also impulsive and stubborn. One can notice high exaggeration in everything these people do. Statistically, this  behavioral disorder is found in females more than men. This disorder can be a reason for many ruined relationships in which the couples fail to deal with one person’s excessive cries for attention all the time. Some other personality disorders are Schizoid, Schizopytal, Borderline, Antisocial, Narcissistic, etc.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Constantly seeking praise
  • Having intense emotional outbursts
  • High sensitivity to inattention
  • Trouble in subduing inner feelings
  • Portrayal of one’s personality as attractive
  • Engaging in attention-seeking behavior
  • Tendency to cause chaos in social situations
  • Affinity to make impulsive decisions

Causes and Risk Factors

The reasons for histrionic personality disorder are unknown. It has also been observed that it has a genetic component. Numerous psychological factors peer group denunciation at school can mutually shape such an abnormal personality. Teenagers going through puberty, are the most at risk for developing this abnormal behavior. The risk of this abnormality can be increased by the following:

  • Disturbing childhood memories
  • Lack of attention throughout growing years
  • Family history

People suffering from this abnormal behavior have a tendency to make constant efforts to draw maximum attention towards them. This fear of denial and desertion can strain them eventually lead to other issues such as:

  • Extreme depression without attention
  • Self-loathing on rejection
  • Thoughts of suicide


The most beneficial way to seek treatment for this personality disorder is to visit a rehabilitation facility that specializes in helping individuals with personality disorders such as histrionic personality disorder. Appropriate counseling is the best treatment for alll types of behavioral disorders and so is for this one. One should help their loved one channel all their energy constructively. People with this behavioral disorder are very talented with their expressions, speech, and body language. Reassuring a healthy platform for your child’s attention seeking habits is important for children’s’ recovery.

If this abnormality starts to get out of proportion, especially if it starts attracting a lot of negative attention, help should be sought. If this behavior disorder is left untreated it can eventually lead to violent actions to draw attention. In this scenario, further professional help is necessary.


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