Holistic Medicine

About Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is a more well-rounded way of treating patients that focuses on the person as a whole and encompasses multiple disciplines apart from the typical ways of using medicine and counseling. The holistic method of treating people with drug addiction in a rehabilitation facility focuses on various factors like physiology, structure and form, societal influences and internal motivation. In this method of treatment, the practitioners take account of everything from the internal healing to the external circumstances affecting the person. Many practitioners call it the integrated method of treating a person.

Holistic treatment refers to the overall therapy and improvement in the condition of the patient. At times, some conditions need far more effort and diligence to treat than just administering medication and counseling. The core belief behind is the mystical element behind every human being’s strengths. This mystical element essentially revolved around the spirituality of a person. This spiritual element should always be taken into consideration while treating a person. In order to achieve this, the patient may need to change his location, move to quieter places, intermingle with people who are more positive in their outlook towards life, and change the way they carry out regular day to day tasks. Holistic treatment encompasses all these aspects and many more. Some other types of care offered by reahabs are 12 Step or Non 12 Step, Short or Long Term, Inpatient, Outpatient etc.

How Holistic Treatment Can Help

In a rehabilitation facility, doctors and therapists may use holistic treatment to ensure that their patients receive the most personalized and comfortable care possible while overcoming substance abuse addiction. Holistic treatment is important for the overall rehabilitation process so individuals can feel good in conjunction with their regular therapy sessions.

A very important practice in the world of holistic health is the orthomolecular medicine. This method intends to keep the body fully nourished to avoid any illness caused due to any disturbance in nutritional balance. The main focus of the orthomolecular medicine is at upholding proper wellbeing by means of nutritional supplements. Holistic health believes in making the human body at an optimum nutritional level. Treating a disease is more like curing the disproportion or deficit of the nutrition in the human body. This method takes care of dietary intake by setting an optimum level of all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as fatty acids.

Holistic treatment may also include exposing the patients to various activities including educational games, giving audio-visual detailing to the patients in order to make them more aware of their condition, training the caregivers more appropriately in order to service the patient better and administering alternate forms of therapy such as meditation, yoa, and Reiki on the patients.

Receiving holistic treatment works wonders for individuals trying to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle free from drug addiction. The methods combined will result in improvement of overall well-being and general satisfaction in the recovery process.


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