Jewish Drug Rehab


Defining Jewish Drug Rehab

How does one deal with a situation where his loved one becomes addicted and dependent on drugs? It is very important to handle such situations carefully because it is difficult to judge how the addict may react to your appeals. It is important for you to know the way you should confront the drug abuser. They tend to get easily agitated by things that wouldn’t even bother someone who isn’t suffering from addiction. Thanks to the advancements in medical field, there are myriad therapies and treatments to cure your loved ones.

Faith based rehab is very effective as it deals with the addicts’ faith & spiritual needs, which helps in recovery. This faith based rehab is a place for addicts who are seeking help in recovering through spiritual awareness and reconnection with Judaism; they are treated with the help of their own religious beliefs, which acts as an additional avenue for recovery. This faith based rehab deals with such therapies and provides an addict with positive attitude and spiritual guidance in his or her life.

Jewish drug rehab works on the formula of faith-based treatment, offering specific treatment and therapies for addicts who seek sobriety through their beliefs and faith in a higher power. A better understanding of the Jewish heritage further helps them to understand how bad any addiction is and grants them the strength to overcome addiction. The results are, in majority of the cases, positive.

This faith based rehab is directed by a Rabbi and combines the tenets of the Torah and the 12 step philosophy to treat the addicts. The process of Torah and 12 step philosophy has been very successful in the treatment of addicts and helps them by providing long lasting relief from their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Some other forms of special treatment centers are Christian Drug Rehab, Executive VIP Treatment, Luxury Rehab, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy etc.

How Jewish Drug Rehab Can Help

There are Jewish drug rehabs for addicts of Jewish faith and they use faith-based treatment to help patients. This faith based rehab treatment is often less costly than a secular substance abuse facility. The Jewish drug treatment deals with a drug addict’s body, mind and the soul. The self-will of a drug addict is a very important aspect to cure the addict. The nucleus philosophy of this treatment is to fill that empty space and loneliness in the addict's life through the realization of their higher powers.

For first 90 days in This faith based rehab, the Torah and the twelve step philosophy is completed in a residential setting and involves a lot of spiritual group meetings, recovery coaching, individual counseling, spiritual counseling for the addict, spiritual counseling for and with the family, meetings, meditation and prayer, exercise sessions, interacting with the drug addict and more. There are also several drug rehab programs that work towards incorporating the awareness of power of faith, in themselves and their religion, during and after recovery.


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