Male and Female Addiction Treatment

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While many addiction rehab centers offer care for both males and females, some facilities specialize in care that is gender-specific. Rather than solely focusing on the type of therapy needed, male-only and female-only rehab centers tailor methods and the recovery process to their respective genders, encouraging empowerment over addiction and support. Gender specific rehabilitation centers utilize activities, nutrition, therapy, etc., targeted in a more effective way to help ensure a full recovery.

If you are looking for a gender-specific rehabilitation facility to help with addiction recovery, It is important to choose the right male only or female only rehab center that caters to your specific need. Recovery does not have to be a solitary journey. With the help of men or women who are going through the same issues, it is possible to overcome addiction and lead a more fulfilling life. Some other rehabs focus on Sober Living, Teens, Seniors, Pregnant Women, HIV Aids, PAWS, DUI, Codependency etc.

About Male Drug Treatment

Male-only rehab centers are designed for men to recover in the most efficient way possible. Activities tend to be more exercise-based and recovery tends to focus issues in a more structured manner than co-ed recovery centers. Some have nutritionists and private chefs who ensure optimal nutrition for men in recovery.

About Female Drug Treatment

More often than not, women choose female-only rehab centers to recover from addiction and rebuild their lives with the encouragement and emotional support of other women. Women’s programs are time-sensitive and work towards easing women back into everyday life in a secure and comfortable manner.


  • Targeted therapy
  • Personalized recovery programs
  • Specialized care that is responsive to the needs of specific genders


  • Fewer rehab centers
  • Tend to be more expensive
  • Less likely to have payment assistance
  • Gender-specific centers may be further away than co-ed ones


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