Methadone Treatment

Chemical Structure

About Methadone Treatment

Methadone belongs to the opioid family of drugs, it is a synthetic opioid, meaning that it is made from a variety of chemicals in a lab. Methadone was initially developed in Germany and was first used to provide relief from pain during World War II. Belonging to the opioid drug cluster, it has pharmacological properties that are very close to that of morphine and heroin, including habituation and addiction. It is because of these properties that methadone is sometimes substituted for heroin, morphine and other opioid drugs during an addiction therapy program for drugs.

It has taken years of studies to find out that methadone is very consistently the most effective therapy for opiate addiction. Methadone treatment thus provides a substitute for drugs like morphine, heroin and others belonging to the opiate cluster. This substitution is the base of this therapy and is only possible because of a cross tolerance, i.e. the withdrawal symptoms associated with sudden stopping of drug intake are reduced by using methadone. This therapy besides preventing opiate withdrawal, also helps in the elimination of drug cravings that follow post complete stoppage of drug intake.

Methadone treatment is one of a kind comprehensive program that is used extensively in heroin and other opiate therapy programs where a long term prescription of methadone is given as an alternative to the drug (opioids in this case) that led to an addiction. It must be carefully understood that it is not an exhaustive cure; it is a treatment program, but one that doesn’t work in isolation. It does not only consist of administering an alternative drug, but also has a provision for a wide range of social and medical services so that the individual seeking therapy receives multi-dimensional support. Opioid addicts receive counseling, psychosocial, medical as well as case management services that are required to stabilize and improve an individual’s life. Some other forms of treatment are Drug Free Pain Management, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Christina Drug Rehab, Luxury Rehab etc.

How Methadone Treatment Can Help

Methadone Treatment has provisions that help the individual on multiple levels. Drug addiction leads to a chemical dependence on certain drugs which, when not ingested, leads to withdrawal symptoms that cause tremendous pain to the addicted individual. Methadone helps the individual on a biological level by curbing the withdrawal symptoms, gradually leading to curing addiction to drugs like heroin. Methadone treatment is also known to have the lowest relapse rate when compared to other drugs used for the same purpose. These programs are thus considered superior and it is in your best interest to opt for them as they give superior results, work faster, and have very low relapse rates.

Methadone counselors are guards for the individual in therapy as they do all sorts of things for the individual, from giving their screening tests, to finding out if this therapy is suitable for them, to giving individual counseling sessions and making sure people do not slip back into the same rut. With the help of methadone counselors, the individual pursuing therapy is taken care of in such a way that he or she stays in the program for the prescribed time period, doesn’t abuse methadone or become addicted to it, and remains medically supervised throughout the program.


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