Seniors/Older Adults Therapy


About Senior/Older Adults Therapy

Treating senior patients and older adults may prove to be tedious without professional nursing. A number of therapy programs are designed to cater to older adults and their specific needs. More often than not, elderly patients need to be given “mental treatment” too in addition to pathological treatment. Most old age homes have a facility of looking after and providing treatment to older patients.

Senior/older adults’ therapy is different from regular therapy in a number of ways. The staff is usually trained more elaborately on mannerisms and behavioral aspects while dealing with senior patients. Some of the seniors undergoing senior therapy programs may be accomplished individuals in their private life, thereby, being used to certain comforts and fancies of life. Therapies targeting such high profile seniors are sprinkled with amenities such as private care, plush rooms and well-serviced living spaces for the patients as well as people accompanying the patients. Some other rehabs specialize in specifically treat Teens, Pregnant Women, Male Female, Sober Living, Codependency etc.

How Senior/Older Adults Therapy Can Help

While on the face of it, specific therapies for older patients may look like an unwanted exercise; these go a long way in ensuring a speedier recovery for the patients.

Establishing a comfort zone: Therapies for older people are designed keeping their lifestyle in mind. Some patients may have grown too old to take care of themselves. They may need individual nursing and round the clock attention. A lot of seniors include abandoned single parents, who really have no one else to take care of their basic needs such as diaper rotation and toilet visits. Such patients require acute medical and emotional attention from the nurses and program participants. Therapy programs for seniors are designed keeping these intricate details in mind and prove to be much more comfortable for the patients as compared to regular therapy programs.

Advanced medical technology: like all tailored programs, programs that are designed specifically for older patients employ technically advanced medical equipment as compared to regular programs. Older people may need to undergo complex medical procedures that require hi-tech medical equipment. Therapies designed for such patients provide for such expertise and minimize the risk of a faulty medical procedure.

More economical: Therapies for older patients may be covered under a number of grants and insurance schemes and turn out to be more economical for the patients as compared to regular therapy. Moreover, therapies designed specifically for older patients are carried out with extreme caution, thereby minimizing the cost of recurring expenses due to relapse or emergence of co-morbid conditions.

Individual attention: Older patients may require a lot of counseling and attention in order to sail through the feeling of being lonely and being ill. Chronic illness and dependency can put such patients in a state of distress, thereby prolonging the process of healing. Individual nursing and caretaking are the major highlights of programs designed for older and senior adults. These go a long way in ensuring that the patients feel at home and their recovery is not hampered due to unnecessary distress and depression.


  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Reduces the chances of repeat treatment
  • Better diagnosis
  • Technologically more advanced
  • Personal attention


  • May not be easily available
  • All conditions may not be best suited to tailored therapy for old-aged patients
  • May turn out to be expensive if repeated treatment is required


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